welsh inspired. american made.


In 2007, Anthony Morgan and Mike Cottle purchased what was once L.C. Jordan’s and opened the Black Gryphon, adding to a legacy of more than seventy years of dining at the location. The Black Gryphon, which represents the Morgan family crest, was based on the Welsh foundation of using local, fresh produce and product.

We continue to take inspiration from Welsh cuisine as well as homegrown, Central Pennsylvanian traditions. Everything we do is made-to-order, from farm to table. We strive to serve you only the best and nothing less. We look forward to having you!

  • On Thursday, February 25th, 4 Hands Brewing will be taking over our taps. The event will start at 6:00PM until... well who knows?! Stay tuned for more information!

  • So you're a certified know-it-all, huh? Well who needs a MENSA membership to prove it when you can come down to the Black Gryphon and dominate. We've got prizes. We've got $0.70 wings. We've got $3.50 20 oz. Yuengling drafts. We have the questions. Do you have the answers?

  • Roses are red, violets are blue... and reservations are coming in fast! Don't wait last minute and reserve now. We'll be offering a special Valentine's Weekend à la carte menu. Click here to check it out!

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    This place is a solace, and doesn't offer the same Sysco, mid-grade quality food or the same line-up of beers on draft that every other restaurant serves. If you're looking for top notch service and excellent food, or really, if you're just tired of eating at the same places that offer the same things and you want a change of pace, the Black Gryphon is the answer.

    Rick K, Lancaster

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    The Black Gryphon is among the best restaurants in the Central Pennsylvania area.

    Matt R, Harrisburg

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    This is the best restaurant in Elizabethtown. When my wife and I are looking for quality, well-prepared meals out we go to the Black Gryphon.

    Ben D, Elizabethtown